dance, puppets, visual poetry

Filar is a piece of contemporary dance and visual poetry that talks about the power of the relationship between bodies and objects, a relationship that develops from the distance of the threads. How to feel the other body, a puppet, in this distance?

Filar's story is that of a world that is built every day and suddenly collapses. So when there is a crisis, how can we rebuild a community and feel that we live in a web of threads and relationships?

The threads create an invisible connection between everything that happens, the threads unite us with our families, friends, or the people with whom we share paths. The threads maintain the connection in the distance.

For all audiences, age from 6 years
Genre: dance, puppets and video mapping
Space: Theater, unconventional space and street - site specific

PREMIERE: January 16, 2022 at LASALA in Sabadell (Barcelona)


Creation, interpretation and choreography Antonella D'Ascenzi

Dance and objects advice Toni Mira

Creation and marionette construction Antonella D'Ascenzi with Damiano Privitera's advice

Light Designer Elena Piscitilli

Music Adrián Berenguer

Video creation and Animation Guillem Muñoz

Wardrobe artist Cristina Robledillo

Photos de Carles Decors

Video recording Julian Waisbord

4 Foto Carles Decors_Filar
Antonella (Mataró, novembre 2021)PB201213
Antonella corretta
5 Foto Carles Decors_Filar
Antonella (red
2 Foto Carles Decors_Filar
6 Foto Carles Decors_Filar
Antonella mario2
Antonella rect )PB201280
Antonella rec mario
Antonella (cort
rec Filar (Sala Melmac, octubre 2021)PA241155
12. Filar Carles Decors
13- Filar Carles Decors



With the support of


LaSala Miguel Hernandez at Sabadell (Catalonia)

Can Gassol, centro de residencias artísticas at Mataró (Catalonia)

Sala Melmac de la cía Mar Góme, Barcelona

Circuito CLAPS, Brescia Italia

We thank the welcome to the project



Fani Benages
+ 34 654 925 551

Han dicho de la obra


Mario Bianchi

[...] Filar is a show that literally flies into a universe of videographic signs and bodies that seek each other, to highlight lasting and inseparable links through real and imaginary threads dominated by a puppet". [...]
Roberto Canavesi

[...] white balloons, a puppet with very human features and many geometric paths drawn in the background, or even simply outlined in the air, for the story of imaginary flights in perennial balance between reality and fantasy. The strings of the puppet but also the invisible strings of light and space define a pattern of relationships between the performer's body and naked space, a scenographic context with which D'Ascenzi achieves interact [...]

Diari de Sabadell

Aleix Mata Paris

[...] The choreographer Antonella D'Ascenzi had a vision during the recollection of the first months of the pandemic.
While she was on her roof, "the people, the birds, the antennas of the houses, were building threads." When she put her head out of the balcony, and looked out on the street, “people built a choreography to keep their interpersonal distance.” [...] Filar is the materialization of this idea, a mixture of contemporary dance and visual poetry. An opportunity where the performer uses the strings that bind her to a puppet to find what unites things, people and emotions. “If the union exists, it is because distance precedes it, and this is the double-cutting weapon of love”, she adds.. [...] In short, a family play that her author wants to connect with the experiences that parents and children shared during confinement. "Filar's story is simple, I only try to build a swing for my daughter, even so, it is destroyed".[...]

Winning project of the #SOSCultura scholarship from the Carulla Foundation

of the Agita Scholarship of the Figueres City Council

of the Research and Innovation Scholarship of the OSIC - Generalitat de Catalunya

of the grant for the creation of the TTP - Theater Association for all audiences

Residencia de investigación en el Instituto Internacional de la Marioneta de Charleville-Mézièrs (Francia)

Proyecto seleccionado
al "Progetto CANTIERE" del Festival Incanti di Torino (Italia)