Emergency Exit

EMERGENCY EXIT is a dance and videomapping piece with a performer and a puppet to relate, in a visual way, the different roles of women at the time

The relationship with another imaginary and virtual will be the beginning of a journey in the memory of the body that dances and questions itself, as well as roles, identities, memories, desires. What is this emergency exit? Where will it take us?

"Emergency Exit" suggests a thought: if men follow the Peter Pan myth, perhaps women "fall" into the Alice myth, debating between the will to respect the
gender rules and patterns and the curiosity to discover an alternate wonderland. This piece is a bit the story of a grown-up Alice who can't help but lie down the eastern hole from time to time ...

Youth and adult audience, age from 14 years
Genre: dance, objects and video mapping
Space: theatre, unconventional space


Choreography and interpretation Antonella D'Ascenzi 

Choreographic assistance Sara Simeoni

Light design Roger Blasco and Elena Piscitilli

Video Candela Muschetto

Scene photos Carlos Torrico, Josep Tobella, Andi Bancîc, Oriol Segon i Torra, Carles Decors

Visual editor Candela Muschetto and Antonella D'Ascenzi

Puppet construction Antonella D'Ascenzi

Thanks for the help in the ideation and creation Teresa Björk, Roser Zaurin, Pasquale Marino.

Released on the Red de Teatros Alternativos

Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282470
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282381
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282415 (1)
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282516
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282429
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282459
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282488
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282498
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282522
Antonella (Lladó 2021)P8282537

Backstage scenography and video creation with micro-mapping



Programme Brotes Espacio Escénico El Huerto Gijón Asturias September 2014


Park In Progress- Pépinières Européennes Jeunes Artistes en Huesca, ptoject between France and Spain October 2014


Residencia  Mediterranean Dance Center San Vicenti, Croatia, September 2015


Devir/capa - centro de artes performativas do Algarve March 2016


Cal Gras Avinyó Cataluña October 2016


L'Estruch Fabrica de Creació, Sabadell, Catalunya September 2017


Fani Benages
+ 34 654 925 551

cía. Antonella D'Ascenzi
 +34 622 887 775

They said about the work

JESSICA M. PUGA  en El Comercio-Gijón

In order to "lose and meet the public" throughout this trip halfway between fantasy and reality, he did not skimp on the staging. There were dolls and puppets made by herself.

A. Ruiz - Lanza Digital Ciudad Real

The struggle between comfort and discomfort, desire and non-desire, what urgent and important emerges in the dance-theater piece ‘Emergency exit’ [...] The show is a mix between contemporary dance and physical theater, in whose crossing is the investigation carried out by the resident Italian artist For ten years in Spain, whose dance has evolved and responds to a 'contaminated' style both by different disciplines and by the culture of his native country and his experience in Madrid, where he has lived, and Catalonia, where he currently resides.

Miguel Quiroga - Director of Espacio Escénico El Huerto - Gijón

[...] Her work has also made it clear to us that she is an artist who is in search of her own scenic language, based on contemporary scenic dramaturgies, which is why we consider support for her projects highly recommended and necessary. 

Miguel Muñoz de Morales - Director of Teatro de la Sensacion - Ciudad Real

It has happened again! Antonella D'Ascenzi with her "EMERGENCY EXIT # of skin and thread" has turned the Theater into the Ritual necessary to converge symbiosis, emotions, sensations and vibration of the senses. We rediscover ourselves in this type of artistic manifestations, as human beings close to the objective of Culture. Share knowledge with citizens for our own emotional growth. Thanks to Antonella and her fantastic team.

Selected piece in the XVth Circuit of the Alternative Theater Network

Selected dance video at the 27th Quinzena of Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival

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We thank the welcome to the project