Women who inhabit bodies

Annual dance and gender lab for women of all ages

This laboratory was born in 2011 in the Barceloneta neighborhood and was carried out every year until 2019. In 2019-22 the project was carried out in  Mataró in collaboration with the Equality and Citizenship Service, the Theater Classroom and the Vocalía of Women of Laia l’Arquera: the idea will be to carry out the course, in the coming years, in different places to continue investigating gender from dance and the body and to be able to make the research known to more women.

The objective of this project is to raise awareness about gender issues through dance-theater as a tool to create and deepen gender awareness and identify patterns of hetero-patriarchal culture.

The methodological commitment to dance is born from the conviction of raising awareness of gender conflicts from a comprehensive approach that proposes an approach that is not only cognitive but also corporal and emotional.


Women who inhabit bodies

A gender discourse from the practice of dance-theatre

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In this book, Antonella D’Ascenzi will deepen the philosophical, sociological and anthropological foundations of her methodology, its relationship with Cultural/Gender/Dance Studies as well as the reconstruction of the research on the female body that the creator has been carrying out for almost ten years. . In addition to theory, the book will explore the potential of the choreographic writing of the pieces created within their gender projects, where women at risk of social exclusion or who had experienced abuse or already on a path of empowerment have participated. as education or performing arts professionals. Different profiles that have questioned a body marked by gender. The objective will be to outline a gender work methodology that places dance-theater at the center as a possibility of re-inventing the social body of women. The project has received the “Escriu per l’Art Social” grant promoted by Neret Edicions in collaboration with the FAAACC and Basket Beat and will be published at the end of 2023 and has carried out a L’Animal a l’esquena writing residency (Celrá)

Talleres trimestrales e intensivos

Talleres de danza sobre un tema de género

Dance workshops that investigate gender themes from the body such as romantic love, micro-machismos, gender violence, objectification of the female body, sexist stories…

They are aimed at women, adolescents or families, they are currently part of the PIAD (Barcelona City Council) Catalog. In these years they have been programmed within the Forum against gender violence of the Unitary Platform, in the GREC, the Donart Cycle of the Drassanes Cívic Center, the Perspective Cycle of the Sortidor Cívic Center, among others.

Formación para formadorxs

Cursos para profesionales de la educación y artes escénicas

The training for trainers «Theatrizing non-sexist stories» is aimed at professionals in education and the performing arts. The course aims to provide performing arts tools to create a perspective with a gender perspective, using theater, dance and writing. The starting point will be to analyze modern stories and traditional tales, identifying both the elements of sexist culture still in force in our society and the sexist structure that can articulate the argument. Currently this training is part of the Catalog of the Public School of Animation and Free Time of Madrid.

Photos from the final shows 2011-2022