Antonella D’Ascenzi is an Italian creator of dance and visual theater established in Catalonia since 2010, where she develops her stage project for both family and adult audiences, dialoguing with the body, objects and images. She began her artistic career in 1995 and in 1999 founded the Residui Teatro company in Rome, where she worked until 2009. In 2005 she graduated in Communication Sciences at La Sapienza University in Rome with a thesis on «Video art, space and performance.

In 2007 she won the first prize for “Theatrical Writing FARA NUME” with the monologue “Almas 5.17” of which she is also the performer. As an actress, performer and dancer, she has participated in several shows directed by different directors – Paolo Vignolo, Luis Ibar (Cartaphilus Teatro, Mexico), Claudia Sorace (Índex Muta Imago – Rome) – and choreographers such as Marta Ruiz (Adra Danza, Colombia) and Khosro Adibi (LesPesPis, Brussels). Khosro Adibi selected her in 2006 to participate in the I. P. L. International Performers Lab, a permanent project for the training and creation of contemporary dance in urban spaces that takes place every year in several European countries.

Her training does not follow an academic path: she has studied dance and composition with Kenji Takagi, Beatrice Libonati and Marigia Maggipinto of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, contemporary dance with Kaori Ito, Joe Agado, Paz Rojo, Sara Simeoni (co. Carolyn Carlson, France) , Francesc Bravo, Jackie Miredin among others, dance theater with Marta Ruiz (Adra Danza, Colombia), theater of the senses with Enrique Vargas, physical theater with Luis Ibar and Alma Bernal in Mexico. In Madrid she studies in the Professional Training Plan for Contemporary Dance at the Carmen Senra School. In 2009 she was invited to an artistic residency at the Fabrik Potsdam – International Dance and Theater Center (Germany) to perform the play “Chambers of the horror circus”.

The same year she received the “En Blanco 09” scholarship to participate in the dramaturgical research workshop at the Cuarta Pared theater in Madrid.

In 2011 he won the DE.MO./MOVIN’UP scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Culture and GAI – Association of Young Italian Artists and in 2015 he received the Sortutakoak choreographic creation scholarship in DANTZAGUNEA (Basque Country).

In these years she has been invited as a performer and creator to FIRA TÀRREGA, MOSTRA de IGUALADA, Dansa Metropolitana, Fira de Titelles de Lleida, Institut de la Marionnette de Charleville – Meziérès, PARK IN PROGRESS-Micronesia, Teatro VICTORIA EUGENIA – Donostia, Circuito de the Alternative Theater Network (2017, 2019 and 2023), Forum REGIO-Marionette de Vergèze in France, The Other Look – IV International Meeting of Women in the Theater of Seville, Women Playwrights Festival of the Lagrada Theater in Madrid, La Alternativa Festival of Madrid, Transversalities of Theater – International Festival in Patzcuaro (Mexico), Raúl Flores Canelo Theater CENART Mexico City (Mexico), VII International Meeting of the Theater of the Body in Querétaro, Mexico, Trnfest Festival in Ljubljana Slovenia, International Festival of the Theater of the Absurd Eugene Ionesco (Bucharest). 

  • HILOS, site specific dance piece for playgrounds 2023
  • FILAR dance piece with a puppet 2020-22
  • Listening, short contemporary dance piece 2020
  • EMERGENCY EXIT, long piece 2016
  • (Ellas), site specific dance theater, 2015
  • CIRCUS OF THREAD AND AIR, family work of dance-theater, aerial elastics and puppets. 2012-16
  • ALTRAME, short dance-theater piece, 2014-16
  • Vertical dreams, choreography of the piece by Lorraine Gallen, spring 2014
    ESCALES DE SOL•LA, unfinished piece, site specific performance, 2013
    LINES OF THE HAND dance. street theater 2011
    FAR theater-dance 2011
    THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS, storyteller with a gender perspective, 2010-2014 tour
  • Nobody Killed the Minotaur, text created with the EN Blanco 2009-10 grant from the Cuarta Pared room in Madrid
  • Almas 5.17, monologue written with Pasquale Marino, first prize Fara Nume 2007 Rome
  • 1st prize for «Theatrical Writing» at the Fara Nume theater, Rome, original text by “AlMas”, February 2007
  • Finalist in the «New theatrical expressions» competition, March 2007, Cremona-Mantova
  • 1st prize Martelive for the performance «… And if it were that» Rome, June 2004.
  • SOS Cultura Scholarship from the Carulla Foundation 2020
  • TTP Scholarship for Creation 2020
  • Figueres City Council AGITA Scholarship 2020-21
  • OSIC Research and Innovation Grant – Generalitat de Catalunya 2020
  • SORTUTAKOAK SCHOLARSHIP program, Residency in DANTZAGUNEA, spring 2015, Errenteria Spain,
  • APDC TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP – Professional Association of Dance Catalunya 2015
  • REGIO MARIONETTE Forum, Ramon Llull Scholarship, dance and puppet project/performance, Vergèze, France, 2012
  • DE.MO./MOVIN’UP SCHOLARSHIP, Italian Ministry of Culture and GAI – Association of Young Italian Artists, dance training at IMPULS TANZ Festival, Vienna 2011
  • Territori Scholarship, community theater and video project “Someone Passed Through Here” C.C. Barceloneta 2011-12
  • “En Blanco 09” Dramaturgical Creation Grant, Teatro Cuarta Pared, November 2009, Madrid
  • “Campus dance” scholarship from Rimini, contemporary dance training July ’07, Italy.
  • Research residency at the International Puppet Institute of Charleville-Mézièrs (France) 2021
  • CLAPS Circuit, Milà (Italy) 2021
  • LaSala Miguel Hernandez de Sabadell (Catalonia) 2020-22
  • Can Gassol, artistic residency center in Mataró (Catalonia) 2021, 2023
  • Sala Melmac of the Mar Gómez Company in Barcelona 2021
  • L’Animal a la Esquena, Celrá Catalonia April 2017
  • L’Estruch Sabadell Catalonia 2017
  • Devir/capa – Algarve performing arts center March 2016
  • Cal Gras Avinyó Catalonia October 2016
  • Residency Mediterranean Dance Center San Vicenti, Croatia, September 2015
  • Buds Program El Huerto Scenic Space Gijón Asturias September 2014
  • Park In Progress- Pépinières Européennes Jeunes Artistes in Huesca, project between France and Spain October 2014
  • Artistic residency at the Fabrik Potsdam – International Center for Dance and Theatre, 2009, Potsdam, Germany.