It all starts from the connection – between bodies, objects and image -: I build puppets, make videos and use them in the scene as a continuation of the dancing body. I am passionate about the research between dance and gender that permeates my entire performance proposal, from creation to teaching: it is a perspective that keeps my work alive in the face of the gender issues of our time.


Creating new connections, between thoughts, bodies, people, ideas, objects, puppets, spaces… Create connections and see what happens. As if there were a random mechanic that solves everything…


This artistic project is multidisciplinary and is fueled by the connections between disciplines, trades and professionals. It could not be otherwise.

for whom?

We create pieces of contemporary dance and visual theater that use movement, puppets and video for both family and adult audiences.

Since 2010, we have performed in Theaters, Street Festivals and unconventional spaces.
We design pedagogical proposals for dance and gender, whether for women without prior experience or for professionals.

Toni Rumbau
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[..] Equipped as she is with a consolidated technique and a beautiful and elegant bearing, her fascination with thread seeks to find this 'philosopher's stone' capable of uniting without uniting, of resolving the paradox of natural oppositions through emergence of creative intersection line art. (about the work Piccolo Circo de hilo).
Toni Rumbau
Toni RumbauRevista Titeresante
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[..] A work that is refined over time and in which the gifted dancer from Rome points far, exploring the intersection of these two worlds that she adores: dance and puppetry. (about the work Piccolo Circo de hilo).
Toni Rumbau
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It was a pleasure to see this work by the Italian dancer living in Barcelona, Antonella D'Ascenzi [...] a show that touches on a high-voltage poetic and philosophical theme. I don't know if the artist is fully aware of what she has in her hands. I think so, since her movements are in this direction. A work of great potential that I would like to see the evolution of. (about the work Piccolo Circo de hilo).
Roberto Canavesi
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The puppet's threads but also the invisible ones of light and space define a pattern of relationships between the performer's body and the naked space, a scenographic context with which D'Ascenzi achieves interact [...]