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Women who inhabit bodies

A gender discourse from the practice of dance-theater


In this upcoming book, Antonella D'Ascenzi will deepen the philosophical, sociological and anthropological foundations of her methodology, her relationship with Cultural / Gender / Dance Studies, as well as the reconstruction of research on the female body that the creator has carried out since Almost ten years. Alongside the theory, the book will explore the potential of choreographic writing of the pieces, created within her gender projects, where women, who have participated, are in risk of social exclusion or have experienced mistreatment or already within a path of empowerment, as well as professionals in education or the performing arts. Different profiles that have questioned a body marked by gender.

The objective will be to outline a methodology of work of gender that puts to the center the dance-theater like possibility of re-inventing the social body of the women.

Residencia de escritura  L'Animal a l'esquena (Celrá)


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