Piccolo Circo


How to dream with a "piccolo" Circus

PREMIERE from 12th to 14th of September 2014



There are stories which start to tell from the end, when a circus closes and the only  apprentice-puppet that has remained - or she has been forgotten - spends her time cleaning, tidying and arranging the Circus stage.  With a little imagination, she will transform most boring occupations in wonderful games, dances and stories of the Circus around the world, until to reach her dream to become a tightrope walker...

Daily use objects become characters within a game, which remind the childhood ability, to change all in a fantasy world.

It will be a world that will have a routine out of common rules into a poetic, grotesque, ironic architecture.


Original idea and interpretation Antonella D'Ascenzi

Director Pasquale Marino

Advice puppets and objects manipulation Cristina Robledillo

Scenography Oscar Gonzalez Merino 
Costume Design Cristina Robledillo

Filming Georgie Uris

Photos Daniela Visciglio

Music: Pino Ciccarelli, Circus Marcus, Laurent Zoppis, Insula Dulcamara

Making objects, puppets A. D'Ascenzi


Casa taller de marionetas de Pepe Otal, Barcelona


Carlos Lopez y SOS Titelles, Marta Ruiz de Adra Danza (Colombia), Martine Sicard, 2a Mostra Dones i Mans


...About the work


It was a pleasure to see this work of the Italian dancer residing in Barcelona, ​​Antonella De Ascenzi, an exercise that had started in 2012 and has decided to take it up again, taking advantage of the invitation received by the Rómbic.


The idea is very suggestive and is based on the relationship between the body of a puppet, incarnated by the dancer, and her threads. Show, therefore, about lightness and also about gravity, about the weight of the body and the desire to levitate and escape from that which makes us fall down. A struggle between physical masses: that of the floor and that of the dancer, who seeks a few strands that she finds and does not find, with which to rise but no one controls. Actually, it is the same dancer her manipulator, trying to get someone from the top manipulate, wiggle, without her having to do anything. Is not this the dream of people trapped by social gravity, let yourself be brought, not think, move automatically? But reality always imposes itself. One can be deceived, think that there is someone who moves the threads, imagine the movements that would have to do if they were, make classic numbers of a puppet circus, putting the music of a box of dolls, in a regression to childhood, When you live with autopilot, but as we said, reality is imposed. The dancer ends up on the ground, crawling (...)


This is the speech that I extracted from the images that D'Ascenzi was wearing, in a show that is still under construction, and which touches on a subject of high poetic and philosophical tension. I do not know if the artist is totally aware of what he has between her hands. I think so, since their movements are going in this direction. A work of great potential of which I would like to see its evolution.



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