Emergency Exit


de piel y de hilo


de piel y de hilo

Emergency exit, choreographed for skin and thread performers, is an anthology of small female confidences, ironic, absurd, perhaps autobiographical.

PREMIERE ON  22nd and 23rd of JUNE 2016 in



Emergency exit is a parade of women with long hair, high heels and dressed in red, within an atmosphere that reveals their weaknesses and their phobias. The title itself cites inscription "emergency exit" to question roles, identities, memory dancing body and desires. What is the emergency exit? Where do we take?

This is almost a story where a grown-up Alice can jump the whole, sometime...

Dance, video and puppet to tell, in a visual way, the different roles of women in contemporary times, where the relationship with an imaginary other woman will be the beginning of a journey in the memory of the body that dances and questions itself.


Choreography and performance Antonella D'Ascenzi

Choreography assistant Sara Simeoni

Light Designer Roger Blasco

Live Mapping Candela Muschetto

Photos Carlos Torrico, Josep Tobella, Andi Bancîc, Oriol Según i Torra

Video editing Candela Muschetto and Antonella D’Ascenzi

Special Thanks for Help in the conception and creation Teresa Björk, Roser Zaurin,

Pasquale Marino.


Brotes Espacio Escénico El Huerto Gijón Asturias- September 2014

Park In Progress- Pépinières Européennes Jeunes Artistes en Huesca, proyecto entre Francia y España October 2014

Can Felipa y Espai Escenic Tisner Cc Cotxeres Borrell Barcelona, 2014-15

Fées D’hiver- Centre D'arts Numériques Espace De Curiosités Artistiques (Francia), (to realize)

Residencia  Mediterranean Dance Center San Vicenti, Croatia,  September  2015

Devir/capa - centro de artes performativas do Algarve March 2016

Cal Gras Avinyó Cataluña October 2016

L'Estruch Fabrica de creació, Sabadell Catalunya september 2017

Photos by Carlos Torrico, Andi Bancîc, Josep Tobella, Miguel Angel García, Oriol Segon i Torra

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